Simpleboek offers many features for promoters, venues, agents, managers and artists that are currently not available for the live music and entertainment industry. Here you will find a list of the main advantages when using the Simpleboek platform.

Access a large database of artists, promoters and locations

For promoters and venue bookers

  • Instantly make an inquiry about a specific date or period
  • Instantly see if an artist is available in a specific region during a specific period
  • Instantly see if a venue or location is available
  • Check the estimated price of an artist
  • Find reviews and previous histories of an artist or band
  • Immediately access the artist’s or band’s EPK

For artists, managers and agents

• Easy to use back-end to handle your artist channel and your bookings

  • Send out requests to promoters and locations in a specific region for a specific time
  • Find reviews and previous histories of promoter or venue
  • Easily arrange advancing with the booker
  • Easily arrange the booking contract including the terms and automatic payment arrangements with the booker

About Simpleboek

Simpleboek was created as a tool to help organizations in the music industry. Our goal is to ease the lives and reduce time, effort and costs and raise profits for promoters, venues, agencies, management and artists. Simpleboek helps you to quickly find the right artists, check their availabilities, contact the representatives and finalise bookings. We are confident that this tool is helpful for all players while giving more insights into the music industry.